Musings of a Recovering Higher Education Wanderer

“If you want to move up, you have to move on”. This quote is one many higher education administrators have heard countless times during their career. While I am sure it is not a quote unique to the field, I often find myself wondering if this idea of location mobility is as pervasive in other… Continue reading Musings of a Recovering Higher Education Wanderer

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The Ironman Itinerary

Running the race is only one part, albeit the hardest part, of completing an Ironman. The other part is the support structure and family surrounding you which comes with complex timing and organization. Thanks to my wonderful wife, we sorted this all out pretty well.

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So You Want to Train for a Full 140.6 Ironman

In April of 2015 it was time to begin serious training for the Ironman Vineman that was to take place on July 25th of that same year. I had done two triathlons leading up to this event, one Olympic distance in 2013 and one Half-Iron in 2014 but nothing could prepare me for the massive… Continue reading So You Want to Train for a Full 140.6 Ironman


One Year of Adventures With Blue Apron

A year ago this week, we received our first box of mail order meals from Blue Apron and we have not looked back. Virginia and I decided to try out this service because we had fallen into a dinnertime rut after Sammy was born. Every week had pasta Monday, grilled chicken Tuesday, pizza Wednesday, hamburger… Continue reading One Year of Adventures With Blue Apron


8 Steps to Reach Students on Twitter

Josie Ahlquist

twitter_logoFor the last four months I have conducted interviews and made observations of social activity of 16 Senior Level Student Affairs Leaders.  These participants include positions such as Dean of Student up to Vice President & Senior Vice Chancellor in both student affairs and enrollment management.

While I am still in the midst of data analysis, a few patterns are coming across loud and clear that I wanted to share.  In particular, how I see many of these leaders using Twitter to engage with students.  I have found their use of Twitter as a tool with their campus communities to be extremely inspiring and the type of leadership behavior that all higher education professionals will need to become accustom to and competent with in the future.

Social media provides these Deans and Vice Presidents access and immediate reach to their campus communities.  The impact is all documented through conversations on Twitter itself.


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Wildflower Long Course 2014: Triathlon Training Plan

Well here we go again. It's time for training to start up again! This time it is for the Wildflower Long Course (An unbranded Half-Ironman), distances of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run. After Training for two Olympic distance triathlons and competing in one, I have revised this… Continue reading Wildflower Long Course 2014: Triathlon Training Plan


Sammy is Six Months Old!

I can't believe that it has been six months already since Samantha Beth decided to grace us with her presence a full month early. This wonderful adventure that is parenthood has just begun but here are a few highlights up until her half birthday. Just a few memories with many more to come.