Completed Races


Triathlon at Pacific Grove, Olympic 13'
Wildflower Long Course, Half Iron 14'
Ironman Vineman, Full Ironman 15'
San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz, Olympic 16'
Seattle SeaFair Triathlon, Olympic 17'
Bass Lake Triathlon, Olympic 18'
Lake Meridian Triathlon, Olympic 19'
Lake Wilderness Triathlon, Olympic 21'


LA Marathon, 12'
San Francisco Marathon, 14'

Half Marathons

13.1 Los Angeles, 11'
Seattle Half Marathon, 11'
DC Rock and Roll Half, 14'
Merced Half, 15

Extreme Mud Runs

Tough Mudder, So Cal 11′
Super Spartan, Temecula 12′ 14'
Tough Mudder, So Cal 12′
Super Spartan Beast, Sacramento 13

10K Mud Runs

Camp Pendleton Mud Run
Merrel Down and Dirty

5K Mud Runs

Warrior Dash x2
Survivor Mud Run
Irvine Lake Mud Run
Del Mar Mud Run
Eco Mud Run
Gladiator Rock and Run Irvine Lake
Merrell Down and Dirty Run
Hero Rush
Rugged Maniac

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