About Steve

HeadshotI am a food enthusiast, triathlete, obstacle course racer, husband, father, PhD Student at Colorado State University and a Student Affairs Professional for the University of California, Merced. Since I have many different interests I created this blog to capture my musings and advice across many topics.

Fitness: I started running to lose weight for my wedding and ran my first marathon in 2012. Since then I have transitioned to triathlon competition and among other races, have completed one 140.6 mile full Ironman race. I plan to write race recaps and information about training with varied other commitments.

Foodie: On my travels I try to visit as many restaurants on a list I created from the many suggestions from the Food Network and Travel Channel. I write reviews of all the places on my list and many others. I will also often write about my adventures in cooking.

Fatherhood: As a father of two girls and a dog, life is never dull. It is a complicated task balancing the needs of children while still training, working, and restaurant touring. I will write about my experiences learning to be responsible for the well-being of little humans.

Education: I am both a PhD student and an educator at an institution of higher education. I write about both of those experiences and how we can better educate the next generation.

-Steve Lerer


17 thoughts on “About Steve

  1. Wow! You do it all!
    Thank you for following us at weshallhavepie!
    What a fantastic charity to run for! We have something similar here in Canada called the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. I work in a school, and typically help out in the mornings when I get there…and try and be available as a replacement if we need a fill in. It really is a great program, and you see the difference it makes in the school and with our children!!


  2. I’m just a 10-12k runner, not a marathoner nor triathlete. Only married to one, and now my 7 and 8 years old are starting to get the tri-bug (where’s that smiley with “slapping-her-forehead” gesture?). Thank you for stopping by my photography blog. Good luck with your marathon and future triathlons 🙂


  3. Hey Steve, thanks for following me. I too found my way from marathons to triathlons. Unfortunately due to my health I missed out on Tough Mudder 2012. And I have a dog called Stella. Nice to know there are like minded people out there and I’m not the only crazy one! Zoe (Runatme)


  4. Hi Steven. I wanted to thank you for following my blog and at the same time, congratulate you on your new role as a father. Congrats to you and your wife for a very cute and healthy baby girl. I have 3 boys, it’s tiring to be a parent but the experience it’s all worth it. I’ll share more experiences of being a parent later on, so hope it helps you in your new role as well.


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