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Best Laid Plans: Triathlons and Babies

For 20 long weeks I trained for the Wildflower Triathlon going from almost an inability to swim and lackadaisical running and cycling to 3000 meter swims, 50 mile rides, and 10 mile runs all in one week. After 18 weeks of building, my level of fitness skyrocketed and I dropped 20 pounds. The training was pretty intense, but I made it through with only skipping 3 sessions. Then came the taper. As per the norm halfway through the first week of my taper I got sick and was sidelined for five days. As I recovered physically, my severe cold turned into a sinus infection. I was having a lot of trouble logging my taper workouts but I was getting there by moving some things around. On the Friday before the race I had an appointment with my ENT and was planning to get some antibiotics at that time since the race was only two days away. That morning, May 3rd, 2013 I drove a 36 week pregnant Virginia to work and was planning to go to the doctor and then…


Upon our arrival to campus Virginia asked me to wait while she went to the restroom. A few minutes later she came back out and less than an hour later we were admitted to the hospital. 4 weeks early, Virginia’s water broke and the baby was on it’s way. The next 8.5 hours were a blur of phone calls, house trips, doctor’s visits and the word “PUSH!!!”. The result at 4:29pm was Samantha Beth Lerer, 6lb 3oz, 19.5 in, a beautiful baby girl who, in an instant, changed everything.

Our sleeping angel
Our sleeping angel

So, on Sunday instead of receiving a finishers medal I received a daughter and I couldn’t be happier. Now I need to figure out how to work training into my new role as a father, so here we go! Since I missed my first attempt at a triathlon I have signed up for a make-up race in September, the Triathlon at Pacific Grove. I have rededicated my fundraising to that race so help me raise money for No Kid Hungry. The scary part is that this is an open water swim in the Pacific Ocean, I was hoping to have a lake swim under my belt before I went in the ocean but as I just learned, life throws you curve balls and you still have to swing! Training should be a little easier because I am already at a good fitness level unlike the begining of Wildflower training so I hope to hit a higher peak and work in some speed drills to finish even faster. The cool part is that Sam and Virginia will come to this one and cheer me on!


10 days old (5)

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