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Wildflower Triathlon Training Plan: April 2013

***Help motivate me to keep training by donating here to my charity, No Kid Hungry***


Well it’s finally here, the last month of training! This past month was a tough one to get through. Things were going well at the start, I was strong and losing weight but then I got cocky. The morning after a 40 mile bike ride I woke up without good stretching and went for a leg workout. While that was normal, what wasn’t was jumping the weight on the leg press by 15 pounds AND increasing my reps from 12 to 15. No surprise that halfway through my second set a searing pain shot from the middle of my knee up to my hip. Immediately I left and went home. Terrified that I tore my meniscus again I skipped the first workout of my training plan. While I should be happy that I didn’t skip a workout in 12 weeks, I was upset that I was down 5 miles of running.

The next two weeks were very complicated, not only was my leg acting weird, work got crazy and I traveled to Orlando for a conference. I also had to brake out the brace again to protect my knee. It appeared that March was going to me the adjustment month because nothing seemed to work out right. This was especially true when it came to the conference in Orlando. Of course they had closed their lap pool for construction and the play pools opened at 9am. This didn’t work so well because I had conference work before that time everyday. I also had to cycle in the gym and run in circles in the parking lot. This all amounted to no fun in training for that week and catchup for the next two. I ended down another 1000m that I will not get back. I also ate like crap for that week so from the Friday before I left to the Friday 2 weeks later, I had a weight loss of zero. Now I have to fight through April to drop the last 10 pounds.

With all of those issues, my knee is feeling better and my strength and speed gains have returned. I capped off March with a 45 mile bike ride, my longest yet. The next three weeks are the peak weeks of training, things get very intense. This should help kickstart the weight loss again. Every pound down is a pound I don’t have to carry with me during the race. My swimming climbs to 8500m in week 18 plus additional exercises in all weight workouts. Not to mention the peaks in cycling (130mi) and running (27mi). This, plus a very intense month at work, will push me to the physical and mental limit before my two week taper and the free time to get my bike fully cleaned and tuned up for the race. I can’t believe that this is the final 5 weeks of training and Race Day is clearly in the picture. Just 16 weeks ago, I swam my first 300m and struggled while this past week I hit 2000m at one time without issue. I’ve come a long way but still have a ways to go!

Take a look at my April plan and give me some encouragement. A motivating donation to my race charity, No Kid Hungry, couldn’t hurt!

Tri Cal - Apr 13

3 thoughts on “Wildflower Triathlon Training Plan: April 2013”

    1. Thanks! I got hit with a bad cold and fever on Thursday and was stuck in bed all weekend. Thank god it was during the taper but I’m still fighting it. Hopefully I’m fully recovered soon.


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