Restaurant Ratings

Below are the quick ratings of all the restaurants I have been to sorted by location. I have not reviewed all of them because some were a long time ago but you can get the basic information here.

ST City Name Show 1-10 Comments
AZ Phoenix Chompie’s Man vs Food 8 Bakery was awesome, sliders were amazing, matzo ball ok
AZ Phoenix Matt’s Big Breakfast Best Thing I Ever Ate/Diners Drive-Ins 7 Food was awesome, higher rating if I got a side of pesto sauce
AZ Scottsdale The Lodge Best Food Ever – Sensational Sandwich 6 Fun burger, not very good meat. Cool bar to watch football
CA Anaheim Slater’s 50/50 Bacon Paradise 8 Really a bacon lover’s paradise, Brownie not so great
CA Los Angeles Langer’s Deli Best Thing I Ever Ate – Between Bread 9 Traditional Jewish deli in LA, really good everything
CA Los Angeles Loteria Grill Best Thing I Ever Ate – Chocolate 9 Awseome food, best burrito ever, expensive drinks
CA Los Angeles Little Doms Best Thing I Ever Ate – Pizza 8 Great pizza, speck was great and perfect eggs.
CA Los Angeles Luna Park Best Thing I Ever Ate – Sugar Rush 8 Great atmosphere, good food, s’mores were awesome
CA Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles 101 Chowdown/Best Thing/Bourdain 8 Awesome chicken, OK waffles, fun atmosphere
CA Los Angeles White Rabbit Truck Outrageous Food/Man Vs Food Nation 8 Really great flavors, Pork and Jalapenos great, Juicy chicken
CA Los Angeles Umami Burger Best Thing I Ever Ate – Hometown 7 Burger was great, onion rings were terrible
CA Los Angeles Phillipe The Original Paradise/Best Thing/Bourdain 4 Spicy mustard was great but the meat and bread were not
CA Montecito Lucky’s Best Thing I Ever Ate – Obsessed 9 Great steak, peeled asparagus was soft, expensive
CA Ojai The Ranch House Best Thing I Ever Ate – Grilled 5 Scallops and pie were good but nothing else. Expensive
CA Pasadena The Slaw Dogs Outrageous Food 6 Fries were incredible, toppings were good, hot dogs not
CA San Diego Grant Grill Best Thing I Ever Ate – Thankful For 9 Everything was awesome, fresh bread, great service, costly
CA San Diego Pizzeria Luigi’s Diners Drive-Ins 8 Great pizza, huge garlic knots, delirium tremons beer
CA San Diego Studio Diner Diners Drive-Ins 8 Big portions, steak amazing, sweet potato fries, clams good
CA San Diego Broken Yolk Café Man vs Food 7 Good taste with eggs, chips got soggy fast, nice atmosphere
CA San Diego Café 222 Best Thing I Ever Ate – Breakfast 7 Very good but a little too much peanut butter, hole in the wall
CA San Diego Hob Nob Hill Diners Drive-Ins 3 Lamb shank had no flavor, instant mashed potatoes, not fun
CA San Francisco Tadich Grill Anthony Bourdain/Best Thing 9 Food was incredible, fun to sit at the bar, great place
CA San Francisco Dynamo Donut and Coffee Best Thing I Ever Ate – Bacon 8 Really great donut, salty, sweet, tart and bacon. Awesome
CA San Francisco Tartine Bakery & Café Best Food Ever – Bakeries/Best Thing 8 Really tasty but they run out of things quickly
CA San Francisco Bi-Rite Creamery Best Thing I Ever Ate – Sugar Rush 7 Very good but random large salt crystals were not good
CA San Francisco Hog Island Oyster Best Thing I Ever Ate – Obsessed 7 Great Kumamotos, I would only come back at happy hour
CA San Francisco Boccalone Salumeria Best Thing I Ever Ate – Bacon 6 Not really a restaurant but I would buy meat for home use
CA San Francisco Taqueria La Cumbre Man vs Food 6 Good burrito not so good quesadilla, not that special
CA San Jose Falafel’s Drive-In Diners Drive-Ins 8 Best falafel I’ve had, Kabob was ok, friendly service
CA San Jose Henry’s World Famous Hi-Life Man vs Food 8 Rib meat fell off the bone, garlic bread sauce was great
CA San Jose Iguana’s 101 Chowdown Countdown 7 Great flavors, and good meat though it was pre-made
CA San Jose Naglee Park Garage Diners Drive-Ins 6 Expensive, Burger Not Good, Sprouts and Fries Great
CA San Jose SmokeEaters Man vs Food 5 Wings were good but not unique, good atmosphere
CA Santa Cruz Aldo’s Harbor Restaurant Diners Drive-Ins 6 Best Calamari Ever, chipino not spicy, service was awful
CA Santa Monica Bay Cities Best Thing I Ever Ate – Between Bread 7 Good sandwich, meatballs were awesome, order online
CA Santa Monica Stefan’s At L.A Farm Best Thing I Ever Ate – On a Stick 7 Everything really good, lollipops melt quickly, great bread
CA Santa Monica Cha Cha Chicken Best Thing I Ever Ate – Fried Chicken 6 Good Chicken, juicy, didn’t taste coconut, sauces ok
CA South Pasedena Fair Oaks Pharmacy Ice Cream Paradise 5 Big Servings, not homemade, service spotty
IL Chicago TRU Best Thing I Ever Ate – Sugar Rush 9 This is an experience, expect to spend hours here
IL Chicago Hot Doug’s Hot Dog Paradise/America’s Best 8 Awesome hot dogs, cash only, cool environment
IL Chicago Pizzeria Uno Pizza Paradise/Food Wars 8 Soup was awesome, pizza crust was delicious
IL Chicago Giordano’s 101 Chowdown Countdown 7 Very good stuffed pizza
IL Chicago Smoque Diners Drive-Ins 7 Awesome BBQ, Sides are Great, Get Chili if on Menu
IL Chicago Al’s Italian Beef Man vs Food/Food Wars 6 Good sandwich, au jous was good, needed onions
IL Chicago Ann Sather Best Thing I Ever Ate – Breakfast 6 Decent breakfast, good cinnamon rolls
IL Chicago Taste of Peru Diners Drive-Ins 6 Best tamale I have ever eaten, rest was ok
IL Chicago Tre Kroner Diners Drive-Ins 6 Good food, not that amazing, polite staff
IL Chicago Lucky’s Sandwich Co Man vs Food 5 Really good sandwich but it was mostly fries
IL Chicago Socca Best Thing I Ever Ate – Snacks 5 Good pizzas, would eat them again, not the greatest
NJ Edison Harold’s New York Deli Best Food Ever – Sensational Sandwich 7 Insane amount of food, great bread and pickle bar
NJ Hackensack White Manna Burger Best Thing/Food Feuds/Bourdain 7 Great Sliders with Quick Service
NJ Ridgewood Pancake House 101 Chowdown Countdown 9 Huge portions and selections, Great Cornbread
NY Manhattan Katz’s Deli Paradise/Man Vs Food/Best/Bourdain 10 Best Pastrami I ever ate
NY Manhattan Ferrara Bakery & Café Best Thing I Ever Ate – Last Supper 9 These desserts are amazing
NY Manhattan Max Brenner Best Thing I Ever Ate – Pizza 8 Not eaten at retaurant but it was awesome
NY Manhattan The Stanton Social Club Best Thing I Ever Ate/Best Food Ever 8 Great dumplings and atmosphere, very expensive
NY Manhattan Lombardi’s Pizza Pizza Paradise 7 Great pizza, not good breadsticks
NY Manhattan Murray’s Bagels Breakfast Paradise 7 Good Bagels, need to try warm
NY Manhattan Nicky’s Vietnamese Best Thing I Ever Ate – Between Bread 7 Good sandwich, the pate was the best part. Not spicy
NY Manhattan Tree Best Thing I Ever Ate – Obsessed 7 Linguini was subtle but good the rest was great
NY Manhattan Five Points Best Thing I Ever Ate – Pizza 6 Good pizza but not incredible. I like sauce on pizza.
NY Manhattan Union Square Café Best Thing I Ever Ate – Snacks 5 Cool atmosphere, nuts are ok, want to try dinner
OH Cleveland Skyline Chili Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations 2 I do not like cinamon in my chili or chili on spaghetti
OR Portland Pok Pok Diners Drive-Ins/Best Thing 6 Wings were good, not very spicy, great peanut sauce
OR Portland Voodoo Doughnut Man vs Food/No Reservations/Paradise 6 More a novelty, not the best doughnuts, cream was the best
OR Portland Byways Café Diners Drive-Ins 2 Really bad sandwich and service. No breakfast after 11am.
PA Philadelphia Buddakan Best Thing I Ever Ate – Hands 10 Everything was wonderful and the atmosphere is cool
PA Philadelphia Paesanos Appetite for Life 9 Best sandwich ever, fun dive location, friendly owner
PA Philadelphia Smokin’ Betty’s Outrageous Food 8 Amazing burger great bun, fries delicious, huge beer selection
PA Philadelphia Bassett’s Ice Cream Paradise/Crave 7 Really creamy ice cream homemade, can  be shipped
PA Philadelphia Good Dog Bar & Restaurant Diners Drive-Ins 7 Really good, pot pie needed more duck, fun dive bar
PA Philadelphia Sam’s Morning Glory Diner Best Food Ever – Darn Good Diners 7 Really good french toast, friendly staff
PA Philadelphia Dinic’s Roast Beef & Pork Man vs Food 6 Turkey was a little dry, want to try the brisket sandwich
PA Philadelphia Miller’s Twist Man vs Food 6 Great pretzel, gave me the wrong sauce
PA Philadelphia Parc Best Thing I Ever Ate – Classics 6 Good potatoes nothing special, bread great, go for dinner
PA Philadelphia Flying Monkey Patisserie Kid in a Candy Store – Blissfully Sweet 4 Nothing special, no longer make the monkey bar
WA Seattle Lola Best Thing I Ever Ate – Fried 9 Deserts were incredible, best baklava I have ever eaten
WA Seattle Pam’s Kitchen Diners Drive-Ins 9 All three things were amazing, very much a dive, expensive
WA Seattle Confectional Best Food Ever –  Crazy For Cheese 8 Wonderful cheesecake, small and gooey, nice dessert
WA Seattle Macrina Bakery & Café Best Food Ever – Bodacious Bakeries 8 Tart and Roll were great but the sanwiches were not
WA Seattle Paseo Carribean Best Food Ever – Sensational Sandwich 8 Great sandwiches, heavy on mayo, shrimp not that great
WA Seattle Salumi Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations 8 Great pastrami and brisket, weird hours
WA Seattle Piroshky Piroshky Anthony Bourdain – No Reservations 7 All really good but greasy. Only eat one per trip
WA Seattle Red Mill Man vs Food 6 Really good onion rings, small portions, burger ok
WA Seattle Serious Pie Best Thing I Ever Ate – Pizza 6 Yukon gold was the better pizza, truffle pizza had no sauce
WA Seattle Etta’s Seafood Appetite for Life 5 Crab cakes were stringy, burger nothing special, good tuna
WA Seattle Slim’s Last Chance Diners Drive-Ins 5 Ok chili, mac and cheese was bland, service was bad
WA Seattle Top Pot Doughnuts Donut Paradise 5 Doughnuts were hours old I would go back in the morning
WA Seattle The Crab Pot Man vs Food 4 Not great, kind of dirty, better seafood in other places
WI Milwaukee AJ Bombers Food Wars 5 Ok Burger but you have to pay for good meat, Fun atmosphere

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