Sammy is Six Months Old!

I can't believe that it has been six months already since Samantha Beth decided to grace us with her presence a full month early. This wonderful adventure that is parenthood has just begun but here are a few highlights up until her half birthday. Just a few memories with many more to come.  

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Feminist Dads: Setting Our Daughters Up for Success by Steve Lerer

A post about being a good dad!


At 4:29pm on Friday, May 3rd, my life as a person, husband, and student affairs professional changed dramatically. At that moment (a month earlier than expected), Samantha Beth Lerer entered the world ready to hit the ground running. Sammy, or Sam depending on the day, arrived at an interesting time for our country and much of the world.  In our country, we are simultaneously seeing new rights extended to some and taken away from others. Many of these changes can and will impact the world in which Sam will live. As a student affairs professional, I advocate for my students every day, but have I found myself wondering over these past few months:

“How can I be an advocate for my own daughter’s success in life?”

As a male, with one brother, I have never really witnessed first hand what it is like to grow up as a…

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Best Laid Plans: Triathlons and Babies

For 20 long weeks I trained for the Wildflower Triathlon going from almost an inability to swim and lackadaisical running and cycling to 3000 meter swims, 50 mile rides, and 10 mile runs all in one week. After 18 weeks of building, my level of fitness skyrocketed and I dropped 20 pounds. The training was… Continue reading Best Laid Plans: Triathlons and Babies


The Third Trimester Begins!

Well we made it to the next milestone of the pregnancy, the third trimester is here. It is amazing how fast the first six months went, only twelve weeks to go. I guess it's time for us to start getting ready for this little Lerer to arrive. We have so much to do and the… Continue reading The Third Trimester Begins!


One Word 365: Parenthood

A bunch of my student affairs friends posted about this Oneword365 idea. Oneword365 is a concept where you decide on a single word that will dictate your choices and plans for an entire year. This was an intriguing idea, no resolutions, just a word. This word, used as a test for all actions throughout the… Continue reading One Word 365: Parenthood