Tenants of a Successful CliftonStrengths Development Program on Campus

According to the Gallup Organization, the CliftonStrengths assessment is in use at over 600 college and universities with approximately 2 million codes used each year which values at a cost of over 20 million dollars annually. Higher Education is also one of the fastest growing area for strengths and that number of codes purchased continues… Continue reading Tenants of a Successful CliftonStrengths Development Program on Campus


Musings of a Recovering Higher Education Wanderer

“If you want to move up, you have to move on”. This quote is one many higher education administrators have heard countless times during their career. While I am sure it is not a quote unique to the field, I often find myself wondering if this idea of location mobility is as pervasive in other… Continue reading Musings of a Recovering Higher Education Wanderer


8 Steps to Reach Students on Twitter

Josie Ahlquist

twitter_logoFor the last four months I have conducted interviews and made observations of social activity of 16 Senior Level Student Affairs Leaders.  These participants include positions such as Dean of Student up to Vice President & Senior Vice Chancellor in both student affairs and enrollment management.

While I am still in the midst of data analysis, a few patterns are coming across loud and clear that I wanted to share.  In particular, how I see many of these leaders using Twitter to engage with students.  I have found their use of Twitter as a tool with their campus communities to be extremely inspiring and the type of leadership behavior that all higher education professionals will need to become accustom to and competent with in the future.

Social media provides these Deans and Vice Presidents access and immediate reach to their campus communities.  The impact is all documented through conversations on Twitter itself.


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Feminist Dads: Setting Our Daughters Up for Success by Steve Lerer

A post about being a good dad!


At 4:29pm on Friday, May 3rd, my life as a person, husband, and student affairs professional changed dramatically. At that moment (a month earlier than expected), Samantha Beth Lerer entered the world ready to hit the ground running. Sammy, or Sam depending on the day, arrived at an interesting time for our country and much of the world.  In our country, we are simultaneously seeing new rights extended to some and taken away from others. Many of these changes can and will impact the world in which Sam will live. As a student affairs professional, I advocate for my students every day, but have I found myself wondering over these past few months:

“How can I be an advocate for my own daughter’s success in life?”

As a male, with one brother, I have never really witnessed first hand what it is like to grow up as a…

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Leadership and Fraternity: The Impact of Phi Kappa Tau

This past May, two days before my daughter was born, I was asked to give my first keynote. The event was the Greek Gala and was celebrating the leadership in the Fraternity and Sorority community. The topic was what leadership means to the Fraternity and Sorority system but was really about why I joined and… Continue reading Leadership and Fraternity: The Impact of Phi Kappa Tau

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Reflections on NASPA Orlando

This past week I travelled to the annual National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) conference in Orlando, Florida. Seven years ago I attended my first national conference also in Florida. At that conference I was a first year graduate student  in a sea of over ten thousand attendees. That experience was incredibly overwhelming, I… Continue reading Reflections on NASPA Orlando

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NASPA 2012: Oh What a Little Ribbon Can Do!

This past March I visited Phoenix for the annual conference of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA). While I was there I was able to check out four places on my restaurant list which will show up in later posts. I was also able to catch up with friends and colleagues I had… Continue reading NASPA 2012: Oh What a Little Ribbon Can Do!