Bucket List

The top 100 things to do before I die:

  1. Go bungee jumping
  2. Run a marathon - COMPLETE
  3. Run the NYC Marathon
  4. Get a pilot’s license
  5. Visit Italy - COMPLETE
  6. Visit Australia
  7. Visit Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival
  8. Get a bartending certificate
  9. Go to culinary school
  10. Start a family - COMPLETE
  11. Give away a child on his/her wedding day
  12. Get elected a Regional Director in NASPA
  13. Complete a PH.D
  14. Travel to all 50 states in the U.S
  15. Eat at The French Laundry - COMPLETE
  16. Attend the Best of the West BBQ Competition
  17. Snowboard in the Swiss Alps
  18. Snowboard a double black diamond without falling or stopping
  19. See the Northern Lights
  20. See the Sistine Chapel - COMPLETE
  21. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa - COMPLETE
  22. See the Venice Grand Canal - COMPLETE
  23. Complete a real food challenge - COMPLETE
  24. Participate in a Ragnar race
  25. Complete the Hood to Coast race
  26. Attend the Olympics
  27. Attend the World Cup
  28. Write a book
  29. Go skydiving - COMPLETE
  30. Be a keynote speaker - COMPLETE
  31. Get hired as a food writer
  32. Go hunting
  33. Go on an African safari
  34. Swim with dolphins
  35. Have a bonfire on a beach
  36. Shoot a gun - COMPLETE
  37. Try Beluga caviar
  38. Eat a fugu fish
  39. Try the ghost chili
  40. Visit Greece - COMPLETE
  41. Own a home - COMPLETE
  42. Meet a President of the United States
  43. Make my own wine
  44. Dine in the dark
  45. See the Grand Canyon
  46. Go white water rafting on the Colorado river
  47. Help someone get their life in order
  48. See the pyramids
  49. Walk next to an active volcano
  50. Drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari
  51. Go camping by myself
  52. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  53. See Stone Henge
  54. Run the Great Wall of China Marathon
  55. See the Eiffel Tower
  56. Experience Mardi Gras
  57. Make $1,000,000
  58. See the Angel Falls in Venezuela
  59. Learn to ballroom dance
  60. Eat at 1000 places on my restaurant list
  61. Go deep sea fishing and eat my catch
  62. Travel to outer space
  63. See live polar bears in the wild
  64. Complete a triathlon - COMPLETE
  65. Be a member in the audience of a show
  66. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  67. Participate in the AIDS Lifecycle
  68. Fly mach 1 in an airplane
  69. Endow a scholarship
  70. Spend a wild weekend in Las Vegas
  71. Find a job in which I am content
  72. Make a complete and utter fool of myself
  73. Own one very expensive but absolutely wonderful business suit
  74. Read War and Peace
  75. Fly first class on an international trip
  76. Learn to sail
  77. Ride in a hot air balloon
  78. Go on a Habitat for Humanity trip
  79. Learn sign language
  80. Fail gloriously at something
  81. Go in an open sea shark cage
  82. Ride in a submarine
  83. Go to Amsterdam - COMPLETE
  84. Take a year off
  85. Attend a BCS national championship game
  86. Attend the Rose Bowl
  87. Learn to surf
  88. Go horseback riding on the beach with my wife
  89. See Big Ben in London
  90. Bare all on a nude beach
  91. Complete the Ironman Triathlon - COMPLETE
  92. Take a canopy tour on a zipline
  93. See Mount Rushmore
  94. Visit Jerusalem
  95. Read every novel that has won a Pulitzer Prize in the Fiction Category
  96. Attend the entire San Diego Comic Con
  97. Be a good father
  98. Own a restaurant
  99. Reach 1 million hits on my website
  100. Allow my children to graduate from college debt free

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