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Review: Marini’s at the Beach

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A few weeks ago we went to Santa Cruz to visit the boardwalk. While Marinis the store is closed on Saturdays, Marinis at the Beach was open and ready to serve me some chocolate covered bacon.


As a man who loves his bacon and has had it in many different kinds of dessert, I needed to see what chocolate covered was all about. Well, I was in for a treat! I ordered myself a quarter pound and got to eating. The chocolate that they use is rich and smooth and it starts to melt quickly in the hot summer sun. The bacon was cooked perfectly, somewhat thick and crispy. Just how I like it and probably the only way it could stand up to the layers of chocolate on top. The salt from the bacon cut right through the sweetness of the chocolate and created a really nice balance of flavor. I could probably have eaten it all day. Good think we only stayed a few hours and live 2.5 hours away. If not, I’d be in a lot of trouble.


Now, you may think that they ship this stuff in from some factory to sell to tourists. Well, you are wrong! This lady was just sitting in the window in front of a pile of cooked bacon. She lovingly covered each individual piece by running in through a pool of melted chocolate. You can’t get much more fresh than that. If I had this job, I’d be dead.

Next time you are in Santa Cruz, check out Marinis and get some bacon!

Overall Review: 7/10 (Not really a restaurant though)

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