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One Year On My Little Fuji

newest-10-usa2-main-photo-largeOne year ago today I rode my Fuji Newest 1.o for the first time. I had not ridden a bike since middle school and never a road bike. It was a different feeling to be on a road bike, lighter and more connected to the ride. When I first started riding on my Fuji, the 3.5 mile ride to work was difficult but over time my skill and endurance has increased. I’ve added better wheels and adjusted the fit to my size. I started training more seriously and have significantly increased my capacity to ride. While training for my first triathlon I maxed out at 160 miles in one week. My longest ride to date is 50 miles and my top speed is 35.50 mph. A huge difference from the first time on the bike. I have also had over a dozen flat tires (Most before I upgraded to GatorSkin tires) and two pretty stupid crashes, one leading to a new wheel entirely. Below is the recap of my first year, 261 rides, over 2000 miles and 100,000 calories down, many more to go. While I am saving for a real triathlon bike, my $800 Fuji will always be the bike that got me started as a cyclist. Here’s to hitting 3000 miles in 2013!


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