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Pacific Grove Triathlon Training Plan: July 2013

133_1Well this training plan is getting a bit beat up. With a newborn who doesn’t sleep more than four or five hours and trying to get multiple workouts in each morning I have been getting a bit run down. I’ve skipped a handful of workouts and adjusted more and my knee has been hurting. Additionally, I’ve begun practicing drills more when swimming. I picked up a set of Total Immersion swimming books and DVDs and have been trying to learn some swim technique. While I have not been swimming the laps on the plan, I have been spending an hour each swim day just drilling and it seems to be making a huge difference. When I do practice actual laps I am more balanced, swim smoother, and move further on each stroke. It feels a lot better, maybe I should try and learn some technique in running and cycling. I also recently did an Insanity workout and it kicked my butt so I’m thinking about how to work that and maybe some P90X back into training.

Anyway, in the official training plan I switch Tuesdays and Thursdays to try and space out my medium and long runs a bit. We will see how that goes. The whole month of July will probably be swimming drills so I won’t log those meters but the practice should pay off dividends. 2 months until the triathlon!

Tri Cal - July 2013
Click the link for a larger image


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