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Guest Review: Devi

The Foodie and the Fatty

Guest Blog by Kafele J. Khalfani (@kafele)

As Steve is a foodie and I am a fatty, I go where Steve tells me to go to eat. Last night, I tried Devi ( 8 E 18th Street New York, NY 10003).  Steve normally has a recommendation for every restaurant.  The reco for here was a Hot Pepper Stew. It wasn’t on the menu, despite Steve’s demand to fire them, I stayed for dinner.

Clearly seeing that I was going to eat them out of house and home, they recommended we do the Three Course Tasting Menu, which I somehow did twice cause…well, yeah.

Devi is having their liquor license renewed so they don’t have alcohol. I did have a lovely Ginger Ale Chiller that was awesome. It was like ginger ale with a kick.  LOVED IT!

We were then given a complimentary shooter. I have no idea what the waiter said it was because (1) it was loud (2) I can’t hear and (3) his accent was thick. I think I heard pomegranate. I drank it hoping I wouldn’t be sentences to months in the Underworld like Persephone.  The shooter was hot and spicy, like an angry gazpacho.  LOVED IT!

photo (1)

First appetizer was a paneer & zucchini tikka. It looked good. It tasted fine, but it’s not something I would have again. Mainly because I don’t like zucchini and I have no idea what paneer is. Also my date ordered it. MEH.

SIDE NOTE: Yes, I was on a date. And he was the world’s slowest eater. At one point I had to ask if he wasn’t hungry or if he was a slow eater. He wasn’t that hungry at which point I heard the announcer from Mortal Kombat say “FINISH HIM” and I destroyed the rest of the food.

Second App was a Chicken Kastoori Kebab – totally awesome. Huge piece of chicken. Well-seasoned and with a side salad made from what my date called “the stuff they put on the burritos at Chipotle”, which the rest of us call avocado. (Please note, he’s kinda cute so I’m letting that burrito comment slide).  LOVED IT!

The entrees were a Chicken Vindaloo (pretty much an Indian staple) and Tandoor Grilled Lamb Chops. The Vindaloo was good. Enjoyable. Just enough spice, good sauce. Nom. Nom. Nom.  LOVED IT!

The Lamb Chops were also good, but they suffered because I had some AMAZING lamp chops at Enoteca Maria ( a few months ago that brought me to tears.  Enoteca Maria – – one reason to come to Staten Island.  But Devi’s chops were good.  LIKED IT

Totally bombed on the dessert picks. Pista Kulfi is an indian ice cream with pisachop and rose milk. The best way I can describe the ice cream would be a milk flavored Italian ice with soy juice.  And I hate break pudding. But date ordered Emperor’s Morsel “Shahi Tukra”. It was like if you eat French toast before you put it in the pan. Not their fault, but boo to desert.  DOUBLE MEH.

The ambience of the restaurant was a very subtle Indian. Overhead light fixtures, drapes in the back part of the restaurant for some booths. The uniforms of the waiters. Music was loud enough that you couldn’t hear people at the next table unless you really tried.

Wait staff was attentive and quick. Clearly they have an optimistic view of water glass refilling as I was never at glass half full.  The manager was great and made lots of recommendations for what to eat.  Also made recommendations to save money. LOVE IT!

Overall Review: 7/10

Check out Devi’s menu here

Devi on Urbanspoon

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