The Third Trimester Begins!

Well we made it to the next milestone of the pregnancy, the third trimester is here. It is amazing how fast the first six months went, only twelve weeks to go. I guess it’s time for us to start getting ready for this little Lerer to arrive. We have so much to do and the biggest part is finding a home in which to build a nursery. Last week we started search and lucky us, we found a place in the first few days. A 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath with a 3 car garage, pool and spa. It is priced a little high but we put in an offer contingent on appraisal hoping the appraisal brings the price down. The homes in the area make us confident so wish us good luck. If the appraisal isn’t where we want it, we can back out with no penalty, but we really hope that doesn’t happen.

If we get the house, we will move in May with the baby arriving around June 1st. Cutting it super close but that just how we seem to live our lives. It really does not matter though, with Virginia pregnant or not, I would still be getting some major assistance from friends. At least now we have an excuse. We will also have June as the last month on our lease so it looks like the family will help with the big stuff, though they don’t know it yet. It will be really nice to have everything settled by the time the baby comes so we can focus on it instead of house hunting. If all goes well we will have gotten new jobs, moved to a new city, had a baby, and bought a house all in one year. Not too shabby!

As for the baby, we need to figure out a name. This is proving to be a little complicated. I’m  currently voting for Baby Lerer and letting it decide later on. Pretty sure I am going to lose that one. We have to take a birth class but since Merced only offers them on Wednesday nights and I have meetings at that time, we will be off to Modesto for an all day seminar on a Saturday in April. At least it’s free. We also have to find a pediatrician, get baby stuff, have a shower, write a will, get more life insurance, ect ect…oh and work somewhere in there. Good thing I am getting in shape with my triathlon training, I will need all the energy I can get to help Virginia through the next three months.

One step at a time and we will get there. The third trimester begins and we can’t be more excited. Wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “The Third Trimester Begins!”

  1. Thanks for stopping by & “like”ing http://joyfulparentingwec.wordpress.com/ !
    Congratulations on your new little one (picking a name is one of the hardest things ever).
    I hope you get a sweet jogging stroller for the shower (I love my BOB sport utility!), it’s great to get out with the baby & you go sooooo much faster on race day without all the extras 🙂


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