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Wildflower Triathlon Training: February 2013

***Help motivate me to keep training by donating here to my charity, No Kid Hungry***


Well I made it through January and I am definitely starting to get stronger. Once the semester began it really got difficult to juggle the fact that I basically have to do two a days. It’s was also really cold in the mornings so managing the car and the bike and indoor training was stressful. It is nice that it is starting to get a little warmer, 40+ and a ride to work is no big deal. Thursdays though are incredibly difficult. I’m fine on my swim in the mornings but my late Wednesday nights with the student government make the evening run a battle. This week I skipped it and moved it to Friday but that meant I had no day off and I paid for it on my long bike ride. I’ve really got to figure it out soon before the training plan adds a Friday bike and I lose my day off anyway.

My knee is holding up well, the redesign of my weight training has helped significantly. I even took the knee brace off for three runs! Some days it feels a little wonky but I guess having part of your meniscus removed inevitably makes things interesting. The foam roller was a great addition and though it hurts it made a big difference in stretching. The one odd part of this month was a weird stalker watching me swim every morning. After a few weeks it was time to let him know that I do not appreciate being watched. An awkward interaction but I have not seen him since.

11,250 meters of swimming, 205 miles of biking, and 52 miles of running down, so much more to go. Things start to pick up in February with my first swim at tri distance right before the second recovery week. After the second recovery week a fourth weekly swim is added. This means that Saturday will turn into a swim, run, weights day. Not intense at all. Take a look at my training plan and hopefully you’ll donate to No Kid Hungry to help motivate me through this month!

You can find my Wildflower January Training Plan here

You can find my Wildflower December Training Plan here

Tri Cal Feb 13
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2 thoughts on “Wildflower Triathlon Training: February 2013”

  1. thanks for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about the knees. i have both of them messed up. my left one had 2 surgeries,and i have had one on the right. i have to wear knee braces to run. there are alot of exercises i cant do but i do the best i can.
    i can also relate to your schedule. It is very hard to manage and get everything in with out being up til midnight or up at 4am. more power to you. Is this your first tri?


    1. Thanks for the comment, yeah some days/weeks are tough. Especially today, with one car it is hard for my wife and I to get timing right without me needing to bike to work in below freezing weather. Soon that wont be an issue with spring coming. Yes this is my first tri with an ultimate goal of the Late Tahoe Ironman in 2015.


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