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Review: Le Pichet, the 100th Restaurant!


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On a summer trip to visit the kids up in Seattle I finally reached my 100th restaurant. After a few votes for different options and some logistical decisions with three children, we settled on a lunch excursion to Le Pichet. Le Pichet is a french restaurant that specializes in Charcuterie, which is the art of salting, smoking, and curing meat. You really can’t go wrong with a plate of cured meats for lunch. The only issue with this visit was that the items on the list were not on the lunch menu but we made due anyway. We sat outside on a sunny day and ordered our meal. For the table we went with the Grand Assiette, or in layman’s terms, huge plate of meat. After a few minutes the appetizer arrived with the chef’s selection of eight different varieties of meat, cornichons (My favorite pickle) and lots of bread.

Smoked and cured meats galore!

Basically this plate had everything. Duck liver terrine, Serrano ham, salami, pork pate, chicken terrine, and the most intense, Langue de Boeuf or beef tongue. All the meats had their own unique flavor but my favorites were the Serrano ham which is a Spanish highlands salt cured ham, the duck liver terrine, and of course the beef togue. All three had a dramatically different flavor and texture. The Serrano ham was sweet and salty, that you could tear apart piece by piece. Texturally was chewy but not too tough and melted in your mouth from the long curing. The terrine had a serious duck gaminess but it was smooth and creamy. Eating the liver gives you an intense flavor of the animal and you could definitely tell you were eating duck. The nice additions to the terrine were pork and green peppercorns. These two ingredients added more depth of flavor, especially the peppercorns. Now we get to the beef tongue. I had never eaten tongue before and was excited to give it a go. No way around this the tongue was some serious eats. Intense flavor and really chewy; undeniably beef. It appears that the more unique part of the animal, the more intese flavor you will get. I could have eaten those three all day and, well, I decided to order more.


Since the rest of the lunch menu was not that interesting to me I decided to go for a Tartine, an open faced sandwich with mustard, cornichons, and my two favorite meats. I went for the beef tongue and duck liver terrine. I’ve already described them so I won’t do it again but I was not disappointed with a huge sandwich of the two. The mustard added some tang and broke up the fact that I just consumed a ridiculous amount of cured meats. The one thing I have left out until now was the bread. A country bread, nice a soft on the inside but with a hard crust, it stood up really well to the rich meats and tangy mustard. All around the Tartine was a great sandwich and one I would eat again.

All in all Let Pichet was a great choice for my 100th restaurant off the restaurant list. While I was dissapointed that I was unable to get the Raclette Savoyarde, I was definitely not let down by their extensive collection of Charcuterie. I would recommend that you visit and put your fate in the chef’s hands, sort of like what you could do at a great sushi restaurant, you will not be let down.

Overall Review: 7/10

Take a look at Let Pichet’s huge Charcuterie menu here

Le Pichet on Urbanspoon

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