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Wildflower Triathlon Training: January 2013

***Help motivate me to keep training by donating here to my charity, No Kid Hungry***

On May 5th 2013 I will be running the Wildflower Triathlon, which is an Olympic distance (1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, 10km Run). It is my first triathlon goal on my bucket list leading to a full Ironman. Since I am still recovering from knee surgery I am focusing heavily on the swim and bike while building back to a good run capacity.

Well, I am through the first two weeks and it wasn’t easy going from almost nothing to 5 days a week. I hadn’t lifted weights in years and it hurt! My first swim was awful, I swam 50 meters and seriously thought I would drown. It appears that everyone besides me knew that if I calmed down and focused on smooth strokes it would get easier. At the end of my fourth swim, I went 750 meters (15 laps) without stopping. I no longer think that I will die on that part of the race so we are making progress.

My knee is a little sore and the isolated knee workouts in the weight room are basically torture, but they are neccessary. If I don’t strengthen the muscles around my knee, I will be back on the operating table again. It is just amazing how weak my right leg is compared to the left. I have a very long way to go. Running has also been nice and, this week, I am downgrading from my metal brace to the light pullover variety. I plan to run like that for the next three weeks before removing the brace altogether during my January recovery week. I am both excited and scared to run sans brace for the first time since last March, but that is why I had surgery.

Take a look at the training plan for weeks 3-7 and see what you think, it really starts to ramp up with Fridays being my only day off and the addition of a third swim. The difficult day will be Thursdays because I work until at least 10pm on Wednesdays but it is unavoidable. Also, we shall see how the two a days go now that I go back to work in a few days. Lunch workouts may become a must!

I am also dedicating my race to No Kid Hungry, a charity that works to help feed the 16 million children who will face hunger this year. You can support the cause at my fundraising page here and you will still receive parts of my restaurant list for each $5 donated!

Want to compete with me? Register here!

Tri Cal Jan 13
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