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Review: Primanti Bros

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While in Pittsburgh for a family wedding we managed to swing by the original Primanti Bros which was a stop by Adam Richman on Man vs Food. This place is known for it’s sandwiches stuffed with french fries and coleslaw just like the fat sandwiches from my college days. It is not known for it’s ambiance, so let’s get that out of the way and talk about the food. Primanti Bros has grown into a chain but I imagine all the stores look similar. It is a wood table and chair place with a nice old school looking bar. The menu is plastered all over the walls and you can only pay with cash. We grabbed a seat in the second section of the restaurant and waited to place our order.


After a few minutes our waiter came by and we ordered. I decided to check out their #2 best seller, the Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak, and a cup of their almost famous chili. Everything came out together and ready to eat. The chili was a seriously tomato based with a smattering of beans and meat throughout. I love chili and I love tomato soup and in my opinion this was a very good tomato soup. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good soup but in the end I am privy to the texas style chili with heavy amounts of spicy peppers and a lot more meat.


My sandwich was also pretty good, some serious after drinking food. The bread was nice and thick which held up pretty well to the wet slaw and cheese. So here is when I admit my failure to read menus carefully. I thought that this would be a real cheese steak but I neglected to recognized the play on words in the name Pitts-Burgher. Instead of thinly shaved meat I actually got a burger on this sandwich. I was not expecting that and honestly didn’t want it so my review is a little skewed. While the sandwich tasted good I was thrown off by the burger texture with the cole slaw and the non bun bread. The burger was also cooked all the way through which is not to my liking, as I am a rare kind of guy. I found myself wishing I had read more carefully and ordered the pastrami because this sandwich was not for me. Next time we are back in town I will try it again and order the meat I really like and judge it more fairly. I will say though that I have and always will love adding cole slaw and french fries to my sandwiches!


In the end this was a good restaurant with a strong following and I can see why. Cheap and sizable sandwiches for people going on or off shift or stumbling in after a long night of drinking. Pretty much the same reason why the grease trucks at Rutgers do so well but I will take my Fat Darryl over the Pitts-Burgher every time.

Overall Review: 6/10

Find one of the many locations of Primanti Bros here

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