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Wildflower Triathlon Training: Dec 2012

***Help motivate me to keep training by donating here to my charity, No Kid Hungry***

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I’ve decided to run in my first triathlon on May 5th 2013. I am excited and terrified all at the same time so I have developed a training plan that will surely get me ready or perhaps kill me. The Wildflower Triathlon is an Olympic distance which is 1.5km Swim, 40km Bike, and a 10km Run. Not too shabby. Since I am still recovering from knee surgery I am focusing heavily on the swim and bike while building back to a good run capacity. I also plan to add in strength training and the use of a foam roller to make sure I don’t tear another meniscus or worse. Training starts this coming Monday and gets pretty intense towards the end. This picture of December shows the beginning and a snapshot of the end distance totals for all three activities. Bike/Run in miles and swim in meters. Let’s do this!

I am also dedicating my run to No Kid Hungry, a charity that works to help feed the 16 million children who will face hunger this year. You can support the cause at my fundraising page here and you will still receive parts of my restaurant list for each $5 donated!

Click the picture to see a larger version
Click the picture to see a larger version

2 thoughts on “Wildflower Triathlon Training: Dec 2012”

  1. Hi there. I was drawn to your story, as I am a triathlete and I just had knee surgery – medial meniscus issues. I have been aqua jogging, plus other things including diet changes to help the recovery. Take a look at my blog perhaps. Wonder how similar our knee issues are?


    1. Hi Melanie, looks like we had similar issues. I had a tear on both sides but the medial was worse. My partial removal was on Oct 18th and I am feeling pretty good. This is my first tri so my training is focused away from running which should help. I think at the end of the day eating healthy will help will most physical issues, don’t you? I will be posting about my experience throughout the 20 weeks so let keep in touch.


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