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Review: Cool Haus Truck

At the Palm Spring’s Food Truck Festival I was lucky enough to encounter a new list item in the Cool Haus Food Truck. The great thing about this truck is that it is a paint by numbers ice cream sandwich machine. For five dollars you get to pick two things. First, you choose from five different types of cookie ranging from red velvet to chocolate chip to my choice, double chocolate cookie. Second, you choose the homemade ice cream. The flavors were all over the map, some traditional like vanilla bean and some way out there like Makers Mark Manhattan cocktail. Whats great is that the flavors change regularly so there is always something new to try. Since you mix and match, with just what they had that day, there were fifty possible combinations of ice cream or sorbet sandwiches. The last cool thing about this truck is that the wrappers for the sandwiches were edible! No need to peel it back and get ice cream all over you because you can eat the wrapper as you go. Brilliant! Such a simple concept but when you love what you do and do it well, simple is all you need.

So the moment arrived for me to make a decision and just like my favorite blizzard from Dairy Queen, I could not resist the dirty mint chip ice cream. This ice cream was made with fresh mint leaves and chocolate chips mixed in to the dairy to give it a rich full flavor. For my sandwich I asked for the double chocolate cookie with grey sea salt added on to it. Grey sea salt or “Sel Gris” is a special salt from France which is coarse and denser than kosher salt. This allows for less to be used for greater results and it is visible when on the cookie.

After a short thirty second wait by glorious ice cream sandwich was in my hand. This was without question the best ice cream sandwich I had ever eaten. Chipwich be damned! Each bite had crunchy chips in the wonderful minty ice cream. The chocolate cookie was rich and chewy and the salt contrast brought out extra sweetness from all the ingredients. By far the best part was the burst of minty freshness brought out by the mint leaves mixed into the ice cream. Though I was eating a heavy ice cream with two huge and gooey cookies, the mint made me think that it was much lighter than it could possibly be. I devoured this dessert, paper and all barely coming up for air. I could eat one of these cookies every day, well at least until diabetes set in.

The Cool Haus truck was a great add to the Food Truck festival and no wonder people follow it around town in Los Angeles. Hopefully the next time I visit they will have the pistachio ice cream because it was the actual item on my list. Check out Cool Haus the next time you are in town, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Review: 8/10

Track the Cool Haus truck by checking out their website here

1 thought on “Review: Cool Haus Truck”

  1. I heard about this a week or two ago, though I forget where from, and have been wanting to try it. Glad you got to enjoy, and your review makes me crave it even more now. Guess I’ll need to make it trip to visit it soon.


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