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Review: Slater’s 50/50

Virginia and I went to Slater’s 50/50 a while back and though it was my second time there, I had yet to write a review. With two trips that were both awesome, I felt like it was time. Slater’s is a bacon lovers paradise no question, but it also has a lot of other things to offer. It is a bar and grill and it is huge so the wait time is not terrible and they have a huge selection of beer. Almost a selection as large as Yardhouse but with ten times better food. They also have Delerium Tremens which is one of my favorite beers which I first tasted at a sampling at BGSU.

After a ten minute wait, which was not so bad on a football weekend, we sat down and got to ordering. The first thing I went for was a bacon bloody mary, it was brunch time so I felt like this was appropriate. I love bloody marys and was excited by the addition of bacon. It arrived after a few minutes and did not disappoint. They had put together a nice combination of spirits (Bacon infused vodka), bloody mary mix, and spice. It had a good balance of flavor and a perfectly coated rim with bacon salt. The great treat at the end was the slice of thick cut bacon in the drink. A fun bite after a few sips of the drink that still had a hint of bloody mary on the back end. This was a nice start to a meal that would make me want to go for a very long run.

Next on the agenda was appetizers. I knew what to order from the first time around and did not hesitate to go for the sweet potato fries with their ridiculously awesome pumpkin aioli. I can not say enough about this aioli, it is by far the best dipping sauce I have ever seen paired with sweet potato fries. Honestly, you could put this on a shoe and I would eat it. It is that good. The sweetness is just right with what I think is brown sugar and the pumpkin flavor definitely shines through. Both times, I ended up digging out the last bits with my finger despite the awkward and dirty looks from my friends and Virginia respectively. It would just be unacceptable to leave even one drop in that small container. The fries, though cooked perfectly, were just support staff for the sauce. If you don’t order these, you should and will regret that choice. One other awesome appetizer to try would be the vampire dip, aptly named for the intense garlic flavor with the cheese and artichokes. Served in a bread bowl and paired with toasted pita chips you can’t go wrong with that choice either.

At Slater’s their namesake is the 50/50 burger. A bacon lovers dream, 50% ground beef and 50% ground mixed together into a marvelous patty. Once you hear what it is, you think what a simple idea why isn’t everyone doing that? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that Slater’s does and it is glorious. Through their design it menu, you can make a custom burger with dozens of different sauces and toppings including baconaise, thick cut bacon, and vampire dip. My first trip I went that route but this time I went with the list item, the 50/50 burger. This dish has their bacon burger, topped with a sunny side up egg, avocado mash, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, all on a huge and fluffy brioche bun. Just take a look at the size of this burger, the only thing missing was more bacon!

I cut into it and was super excited to try and figure out how to eat this thing. The egg was a little overcooked as you can see, I wish it was a little runny but oh well. All that pink you see in the burger is bacon, delicious bacon. Super flavorful and with a great balance between the bacon and beef in the patty. This made me very happy because you know by my older posts, a burger is only as good as the patty it is built upon. You can’t mask a bad patty, you can only compliment it’s flavor. Slater’s did this very well with the toppings they added. The egg gave it a bit of richness which was perfect for a brunch meal. The avocado mash was good and I liked that fact that it was a mash since I always have issues keeping avocado slices on the burger. The chipotle mayo added a nice kick to the burger which I always like paired with the flavor of eggs. They also made a great choice adding a flavorful cheese to this combination, pepper jack really held up against all the other flavors and brought a great taste to the party. Lastly, the bun was a perfect choice, thick and fluffy, and as you can see, a great size as compared to the patty itself. All together this burger was well thought out and one that I would order again and insist on a medium egg no matter how many times it takes them to get it right.

The last thing I ordered was dessert. Did I need it, absolutely not but who can resist a maple vanilla bacon milkshake! I ordered this the first time I visited Slater’s and I will say that it was much better the first time. That time the milkshake to bacon ration was much more reasonable and though this is the only time you will have see me write this, the second time there was way to much bacon. Why do I say this you ask? Because it is a milkshake so you need to be able to drink it with a straw. There was so much bacon in this that I had a very hard time eating it without a spoon, the straw kept getting clogged. Also, the milkshake part was gone quickly leaving me with half a cup of ground up bacon. For dessert it was not all that appetizing to eat spoonfuls of chewy wet bacon so I quit pretty quickly. I would recommend that they dial back the bacon and make it a supporting character to the vanilla maple milkshake itself.

Slater’s is a really fun place to visit and an awesome bar and grill to watch a ton of sports. I only wish they had one in Riverside so I wouldn’t have to drive forty minutes to get my bacon fix. I would recommend this place to anyone bacon lover or not. It is also a great place to go after spending a long day with your kids at Disney which is right down the street.

Overall Review: 8/10

Check out Slater’s bacon heavy menu here

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