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Review: Little Dom’s

I took a trip to drive a friend to the airport and figured while I was near Los Angeles at 8am I might as well check out a restaurant on my list. The breakfast pizza at Little Dom’s perked my interest so I headed out there and arrived a few minutes after they opened. I was the first customer of the day which meant I would get some fresh food and good service. Little Dom’s is a well put together Italian restaurant with some very good decor and nice comfortable booth seats. I grabbed my seat and looked around. The one thing that stuck out was the old school bar. Fully made out of wood with a nice outdoorsy picture above the back. This bar looked like a place where made men would hang out if we were on the east coast and this was the 1960’s. I felt the need to put a suit on and order some hard liquor, too bad it was only five minutes after nine.

I perused the menu just to check it out knowing very well what I was too order. I asked for a glass of grapefruit juice and the highly lauded breakfast pizza. This would mark the first time I had eggs on a pizza in addition to speck. What is speck, you ask? Well I had that same question. Speck is a type of prosciutto that is both salt cured and slow smoked. The big difference between speck and other prosciutto is that speck is deboned before the curing process. After the curing process it is cold smoked over a week and then aged for around six months. Such a process is the reason why prosciutto is so salty, flavorful, and expensive.

My juice came out quickly and as is getting to be the norm, my five dollars got me a glass fit for a child. Two gulps and it was gone, long before my pizza arrived. I really wish restaurants would stop being cheap when it comes to juices, it would make me so much happier. That feeling of frustration ebbed as soon as my pizza arrived. Served on a wood plank on top of some parchment paper this pizza looked marvelous. Just take a look, this pizza was just too pretty to shrink the picture.

The bread was super thin and wonderfully crispy, fresh out of a wood fire oven. The mozzarella was melted beautifully and was extremely stringy. I cut into the perfectly cooked eggs and spread the yolk across the pizza. The speck was a little hard to cut but the manager went and procured me a sharper knife to aid in my adventure. Everything about this pizza was well thought out and worked perfectly together. The speck was soft and salty which was balanced out by the creaminess of the egg yolk. The crust was just like the toast you would use to soak up the egg only better. The cheese and light application of sauce made sure you remembered that this was a pizza even with the breakfast items on top. Last but not least the basil was a great addition and made me reflect on the pizzas we had in Naples. Lightly charred, fresh, and flavorful it tied the whole dish together in a great way. Each bite was better than the last and I finished it way too fast. My first breakfast pizza was a great success!

Little Dom’s didn’t let me down and I would recommend it if you want to try a great breakfast pizza though I would discourage ordering any fresh squeezed juices. With such a delicious breakfast option I am sure that the rest of the menu is cooked with great care. I would encourage you to try it any time of day because this is Italian food like you would get in New York City.

Overall Review: 8/10

Check out Little Dom’s and their many pizza options here

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