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Review: Gourmet Pizza Shoppe

Virginia and I decided to take a ride up to Redlands and visit TheGourmet Pizza Shoppe. Though I have been here before, this time I am going towrite about it. The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe is a pretty unassuming place thatlooks like the inside belongs outside. It is kind of strange with one walllooking like the front of a building from a TV set. What it lacks for décor issurly makes up for in food. It is really hard to find decent pizza in theInland Empire so this restaurant with unique and inventive pizza options is abreath of fresh air.
This time around I ordered the Brandowhich is cream cheese, pesto sauce, pepperoni, sausage, cashews, angel hair pasta,green onions & mozzarella cheese. I know you’re thinking “Cashews, angelhair pasta, and pizza, no way”! That is exactly what I was thinking in additionto being a little nervous about the lack of tomato sauce. Past history hasshown that I have a hard time with non-traditional pizzas but I was up for thechallenge. Below you will see the pizza in all its might.
Check out that cheese and pasta on the edges!
The cheese was perfectly cooked to acrispy finish and the crust looked nice and crunchy. At first bite I completelyunderstood the addition of the angel hair pasta. Though it was pre-cooked, theedges were crunchy because it baked in the pizza oven. This was such aninteresting texture to go along with the other toppings. The entire combinationwas interesting with the cream cheese and the pesto contrasting and the crunchinessof the cheese, crust, and pasta. The meat was completely necessary because itadded that wonderful savory element with the fattiness that bound the wholepizza together.
The last piece of the pie that I needto talk about is the addition of cashews. When you look at their menu you willnotice that cashews pop up on a lot of their pizzas so they must know somethingthat we all don’t. On this pizza, the cashews were a little strange but I findit odd to say that if I ordered the Brando again I would leave them on. Somehowsome way, the cashews worked and they may have been the best part of the entirepizza. Salty and a little sweet cashews belong on this pizza..crazy. The onlything I would change would be to crush up the cashews a bit so they distributedmore across the pizza but besides that this pizza was ingenious. I will find ithard to order something else the next time we go.
Next onto dessert and yes, they domake dessert pizzas! Virginia made the decision and chose to order the Sarah’sSurprise. This wonderful dessert pizza included vanilla cream cheese whip,graham crackers, chocolate chips, brown sugar, melted butter & jack cheese.Though there was an unfortunate lack of cashews on this pizza (I kid) it wasnot only the best dessert pizza I ever had it was one of the best desserts Ihave ever had. Never has dessert made me forget about dinner so quickly but wowthis pizza was amazing! Take a look.
Sarah’s Surprise in all of its graham cracker glory
Crispy and sweet with cooked grahamcrackers added to gooey melted chocolate AND hand held. Not only all of thatbut it was piping hot right out of the oven so it was reminiscent of a s’moreright out of the campfire. I was just sad that we only ordered a seven inch piebecause I could have eaten three of them by myself. The best part was that theyadded cheese to the pie. It really added something special to the dish and gaveit the last kick that pushed it over the top to something you could truly callgourmet.
I would definitely recommend GourmetPizza to my friends and have many times. I only wish that it was closer to Riversideso I could go once a week! Go there and try the Brando and the Sarah’s Surpriseor the Kiss and the Apple Annie or the Malibu Madness and the Einstein’s Glue;you really can’t go wrong.
Overall Review 9/10

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