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Review: The White Rabbit Truck

At the food truck festival last week my fifth and final truck was the White Rabbit Truck. I was wondering to myself “Why does this name sound familiar”. Well, when I got home and looked I realized that it happened to be a list item brought to you by Outrageous Food on the Food Network. The list item was the burrito and I am a little sad that I did not get it but, oh well, next time. Take a look at the menu below, pretty simple but pretty awesome.


I had a conversation with the nice girl at the register and she told me that her favorite was the Pork Sisig. With that recommendation I ordered the three sisig tacos but to my delight she told me that I could mix and match. Oh glory day! So, not only did I get the Pork Sisig (Below left), I ordered the Pork Tocino (Below center) and the Chicken Adobo (Below right). Though I am sad that I did not try the burrito I now get to talk about three of the items on this menu.

Let’s start with the Pork Sisig. This was fried pork belly mixed with jalapenosand onions topped with a red cabbage slaw. The pork belly took on thisbeautiful red color and mixed so well with the jalapenos. A little spicy andfull of huge flavor. The cabbage was crunchy and cold which mixed well with therichness of the pork belly. Truly a great taco but oddly not my favorite.

The second taco I tried was the chicken adobo because I wanted to break upthe pork. Honestly, I was not expecting much from a chicken taco but boy was Iwrong. The chicken was soft and super juicy which surprised me and it was bothsweet and savory at the same time. Mmmm to adobo sauce! Just like the last tacothe slaw added a cool crunch that really completed the ensemble. I was reallypleased with this chicken and would eat that one again but, it too, was not myfavorite.

The winner beyond a shadow of a doubt was the Pork Tacino which was curedpork, fried and wrapped in a taco all by itself. This was a truly boldpresentation but if you read my other posts I believe that if you use highquality meat and cook it in an amazing way you really don’t need anything elseadded to it. With this pork the White Rabbit Truck did just that. It wasperfectly fried and super crispy and I got a burst of fried pork flavor witheach individual bite. I was content just eating the pork with my fingers, eventhe taco shell took away from the pork itself. I really think that if theyadded anything to the dish it would have ruined it so I commend them withleaving it unaided. I even regretted adding siracha, but I guess I have to livewith that. By far the best of the three and without a doubt the best thing Iate all day.

In my book the White Rabbit truck was definitely a winner and I am glad Igot to taste three of their meat selections; each great in its own way with theTacino edging out the pack. Next time I am in LA I will track it down and trythe burrito and I suggest you do the same. For a food truck with to realambiance to judge I give this a top rating and would not hesitate to recommendit to others. One cool thing to note is that they have a restaurant too so youcan order quick from a truck or sit down and have a meal. Either way, I bet youwill not be disappointed.

Overall Rating 10/10

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