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Review: Paseo Caribbean

We took a trip up to Seattle last week to see the family and not thirty minutes after landing we were at Paseo Caribbean for some Cuban sandwiches. This place was on the Best Thing I Ever Ate and from the look of all the awards on the door we were in for a treat. Mostly a takeout joint, Paseo only has a few seats in the restaurant and the line is usually down the block. We put in a healthy order for takeout and then waited with baited breath for our number to be called. Twenty minutes later we were in the car and smelling the wonderful sandwiches.

So what did we order you ask, well only half the menu. My list item was the Roast Pork Cuban but we also ordered the Spicy Prawns, Grilled Pork, Chicken, and the Midnight Cuban. The first thing you notice when you bite into any sandwich is the bread and this place uses some great bread. It is nice and crispy on the outside and firm enough to hold up to the aioli, the juicy pork, and the rest of the delicious toppings. Piping hot and messy as hell, these sandwiches were more than respectable.

I tried three sandwiches, the Roast, Midnight, and Prawns. My least favorite of the three were the prawns. We asked for the spiciest version but were very disappointed because the sandwich was bland. When serving prawns you really need to go light on the heavy sauces because the prawn flavor is drowned out. Paseo seems to put the same about of aioli on all the sandwiches which I think is unwise. The result on this sandwich was that all I tasted was mayo, onions, and bread. You would never have known that there were prawns in the dish especially because they were bland. I would not get that sandwich a second time, which is sad because I love prawns.

The runner up was the Roast Pork Cuban. The roast pork was delicious and this succulent, juicy pork could definitely hold up to the aioli and the other toppings. This was a three napkin sandwich which is always fun and the bread was awesome. You take the crunch of the bread and to melt in your mouth pork and combine them with caramelized onions and the aioli it really was a sandwich to remember. I truly enjoyed that sandwich.

So now let’s switch the jalapeños with banana peppers and add smoked ham and swiss cheese to the roast pork and we are in business. Take that sandwich and melt the cheese on a Panini press and you have the Midnight Cuban Press. Even though I would have preferred the jalapenos this sandwich was my favorite. How can you go wrong when adding a second type of pig to a sandwich and smother it in melty, gooey cheese? Jump it up to a four napkin sandwich for this one; I could have eaten a few of these no matter how much meat was on the sandwich. The best part was that the Panini press made the bread even crispier which contrasted beautifully with the cheese and aioli. What a great sandwich and only $8.95.

Next time you are in Seattle make a point to swing by Paseo Caribbean, you will not be disappointed. Try and show up after the lunch rush or you will be waiting a long time but trust me no matter when you go it is well worth the wait. Just a heads up, cash only!

Overall Rating: 8/10

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