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Review: Pam’s Kitchen

After checking out the farmers market we stopped into Pam’s Kitchen for some Caribbean jerk chicken. I was a little weary knowing that this was a Triple D spot since my last Guy recommendation was awful but my brother insisted that it was a great spot. A complete dive you could tell that they were not all that interested in the décor but they did have some cool pictures of Jamaica on the walls. The one thing that really peaked my interest was the Pam herself was back in the kitchen with her one friend every day. I could even see her working in the back from my seat. Knowing that get me very excited to get some authentic cuisine.
I ordered the Jerk Chicken Sandwich and some Dahlpuri which is a roti (Bread) filled with chickpea and seasoned with cumin, the freshest cilantro and garlic. Evan ordered some spicy green beans and the Jerk Chicken also and we anxiously awaited the arrival of our lunch. When the food arrived my thoughts about the high expense per dish was eased a bit when I had two sandwiches in my order. Now you know by know that I like my bread and the bread Pam uses for this sandwich did not disappoint. It was soft and chewy and surprisingly sweet which paired really well with the spice in the jerk chicken. At first bite the sweetness of the bread smothered the spice and all you get was the juicy chicken flavor but then heat starts to build in the back of your throat and suddenly, hello jerk! I think that is was ingenious to use the sweet bread to mask the spice for a few moments it really gives the sandwich a depth of flavor that is often lost on spicy dishes that just hit you in the mouth. Oh and did I mention that it was so juicy that I had to mop up sauce off my forearm? This was truly a great sandwich and I would eat it 2-3 times a week if I could afford it.
The Dahlpuri though good was not the star of that meal aside from sopping up the extra sauce from the sandwich and the green beans so that is all I am going to say about it but now lets chat about spicy green beans. When you just look at the green beans in the dish you can see the chili flakes and you know it’s going to hurt so good. The green beans were perfectly cooked, soft and chewy, and mixed into a spicy chili sauce. Since they were not paired with bread the spiciness was the star but it they weren’t just hot, the flavor in the sauce was huge! If I could have those green beans with every meal I would be a happy man.
All in all Guy redeemed himself a little bit with this find but we shall see what the next one has in store. Though Pam’s Kitchen is a little expensive the flavors and care put into the food really shines. I would go back to eat there without any hesitation but be prepared, you are going there for the food, not for the ambiance or the interior design.
Overall Rating: 9/10

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