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Review: Cha Cha Chicken

The night before our trip to Europe I stopped in to Cha Cha chicken with some friends. This place was on the Best Thing I Ever Ate so I was excited to check it out. This restaurant was kind of funky and had all outdoor seating. The decorations screamed Caribbean which was cool. I ordered the coconut fried chicken which was the list item and my first recommendation is not to order the full chicken for yourself. I think I only made it through half and leftover fried chicken is nothing like day old pizza and Chinese food.

The service was at the counter and then they would bring you your food at the table. This is pretty standard for a restaurant like this so I was not surprised. Our food came pretty quickly which is always a good thing for fried chicken. The chicken was pretty tasty, very moist and succulent on the inside and crispy on the outside. The main problem with the chicken is that I really did not taste any coconut. This was very disappointing considering that coconut was supposed to be the thing that made this fried chicken unique. Two sauces accompanied the chicken, jerk and mango. The jerk sauce was really good, very spicy and added to the fried chicken very nicely. The mango sauce on the other hand just tasted odd. Not sweet, not tangy, not even like mango, just odd. I would not recommend it, go with the jerk.

Overall the chicken was well made, albeit not really coconut but if I had the choice in LA, I would go to Roscoe’s. The rest of the menu looked interesting and my friends seemed to enjoy their choices. Though not on the top of my list of places to revisit, I would like to try some of their other options.

Overall Rating: 6/10

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