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Review: Sam’s Morning Glory Diner

This morning I woke up a little late and decided to take my run to Sam’s Morning Glory Diner. This location was definitely a diner; small, quiet, and full of lighthearted employees. I sat at a booth and ordered some fresh squeezed orange juice. Looking at the menu I was drawn to the make your own fritattas but I knew what I was ordering when I walked in…the monkey french toast.

Two slices of challah bread cut in half with cooked bananas and mangoes mixed with caramel inside. Next to the french toast was a huge pile of home made whipped cream which was thick, sweet, and creamy. I’ve never had mango inside french toast so I was a little weary but surprisingly it worked. All of the flavors melted together into a perfect breakfast marriage. The depth of flavor in each bite was astounding for a french toast dish and I finished the entire plate in a mere five minutes. I know now why they give you a spoon with your meal; you just can’t resist the urge to scoop up the caramel and melted whipped cream left on the plate after the french toast is gone. What a wonderful start to a chilly March morning in Philadelphia!

I would recommend this location as a fun breakfast spot. Nothing special in the aesthetics but a serious menu with some serious flavors. Just remember, cash only.

Rating: 7/10

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