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Reading Terminal Market Part 1

During my one hour break for lunch I walked around the Reading Terminal Market and checked out a few places that were on my list:

1. Miller’s Twists: I purchased a soft pretzel from this vendor and was not disappointed. The pretzel was everything you could want from a hot pretzel. It was salty from the coating but then a hint of sweetness from the dough. It was a little crunchy on top but then smooth and chewy on the inside. Basically the epitome of a pretzel in any city across America. My only sad comment was that I asked for spicy mustard and received honey mustard. I don’t like honey mustard. This meant that the pretzel was missing the most important element so next time I will make sure to insist on the spicy mustard. This was not a sit down location so my rating is based strictly on the food, but for $2.38 you can’t do much better.

Rating 8/10

2. Dinic’s Roast Beef and Pork: You know you are in a good spot when the line for take out has to be managed by a security guard. Luckily, when we were waiting in line, three seats opened at the counter. Again, the aesthetics were not the highlight since we were in the market but I love sitting down and looking at the roast pork that will be carved to order. The waitress was very polite and worked with us non locals like it was all she does.

I ordered a roast pork sandwich with provolone and broccoli rabe. With the pork ready to be cut the food came out quickly which I always love. The sandwich was really good but the pork was a little dry so the au jus at the bottom made all the difference. I wish I could have gotten some au jus on the side and made it into a french dip, that would have been wonderful. The provolone added a creaminess that helped with the dry pork as you got to the base of the bread. The broccoli rabe was an extremely important addition and some needed bitterness to the sandwich. All in all, it was a good lunch and one that I would recommend to a friend.

I would definitely go back to Dinic’s but next time I will order the brisket. I saw an order come by me as we were finishing and wow, it looked juicy and covered in sauce, just how I like my brisket. Come to think of it, I may just go back on Wednesday!

Rating: 6/10

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