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Review: Good Dog Bar and Restaurant

As I get ready for bed I will chat quickly about my last restaurant of the day. Danny and I went to Good Dog to try the cheesesteak empanadas and duck pot pie. The restaurant was a nice bar and grill, cozy and definitely a local hang out. The waitstaff was friendly and quickly cleaned off a table for us in the back of the restaurant. I figured a beer was important when hanging out at Good Dogs so I ordered one while we waited for our food.

Truffle Cheesesteak Empanadas: After reflecting on this appetizer I still don’t know what was in the dipping sauce. I was waiting for something to pop in this dish, but it never really did. The truffles were sorely understated and the cheesesteak was lacking a little flavor. I think Guy was a little off on this one.

Duck Pot Pie: When you come to a bar that seats maybe 40 people, you wouldn’t think that they would serve a Duck Confi is a pot pie, well Good Dog does. When the pot pie arrived with it’s pallet cleansing side salad my mouth started watering. Just the look of it was enticing. The crust looked perfectly cooked and obviously flaky.

The first test, steam. Did steam escape when I broke through the shell you ask. Would you expect anything else? The stew inside was wonderful, even better after I added a little pepper but I do love my pepper. The carrots, celery, and potatoes were soft and delicious and even without a larger helping of duck (which would have been nice) the dish was a joy to eat. The pleasant surprise were the mushrooms that married to the flavor profile perfectly. I could have licked the bowl if it wasn’t too hot to pick up.

I would recommend the Good Dog Bar and Restaurant to you as a fun place to hang out at and watch a game. The bonus is that they a have a fun and unique menu that you would never expect from such a place. I tip my hat to the chef for a job well done. Next time I will take the waiters advice and order the Good Dog Burger

Rating: 7/10

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